The Raise up project was recently cited in the last document by the European Platform against Undeclared Work, as an example of positive practice to be monitored. Just as suggested by our project, for the period 2019/2020, the Platform has included agriculture in its work program as a priority intervention area and the promotion of the holistic approach as a key action.

Pietro Ruffolo, coordinator of Flai Cgil European and international policies area, had the opportunity to share some considerations on this scourge and its possible solutions during the last meeting of the working group in Brussels, on January 24th.

 Gangmasters in action

Undeclared work in agriculture is not just an Italian phenomenon, since it is found in several European countries and the resolution of the problem can only be tackled through transnational cooperation, involvement of all the interested parties and adoption of a holistic approach.

Bulgarian ghetto after a fire

Among the solutions proposed:

  • better transnational coordination among labor inspectorates;
  • creation of a white list of virtuous companies in order to respect collective bargaining, tax and labor legislation and social security;
  • strengthening of support for awareness campaigns through cooperation between trade unions and institutions;

International agreement for cooperation between trade unions

  • commitment of the supply chain to apply a labeling system that allows consumers to aknowledge the “socially responsible” origin of the products;
  • introduction of a written contract obligation on the day of the recruitment;
  • concrete commitment of the Common Agricultural Policy which should: increase the level of professional qualifications for agricultural workers through initial and ongoing vocational training; make the inclusion of initial and continuous vocational training in national plans supporting the second pillar binding; oblige Member States to make payments conditional upon the absence of fraud in hiring, as well as upon compliance with collective agreements and health and safety standards.

Romanian Consulate information spot at Bari (Puglia) Chamber of Labour

For more information:
Here you can download the document of the European Platform for Combating Undeclared Work.
Here, instead, is Flai Cgil’s keynote.

(Photo credits: Pietro Ruffolo)