Undeclared work in Bulgaria and how to fight it

Aprile 2019

Undeclared work deprives workers of fair payment, social and health insurance, annual leave and other payments, regulated by labour law.

The total number of the people officially paying social contributions in the Bulgarian agriculture sector is 110.605 out of 2.802.989 workers – only 3,95% of all insured people.

Social justice passes through personal awareness, the information that we have access to and the conscious choices we make.

In order to inform, raise knowledge and promote greater awareness of rights, the Bulgarian union FNSZ, member of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CITUB), produced a brochure explaining:

  • what is meant by undeclared work;
  • which concrete forms it can assume;
  • which are the negative consequences it produces for workers, for employers, for the State, for the society;
  • which are the causes and which are the factors that contribute to its development;
  • which are the measures and actions to prevent its occurrence.

Download it here.

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